The Great British Panic!

As I sit here preparing for my next YouTube video (yes, I’m on YouTube, can you believe) I was very intrigued to see that out all those shot to date the ‘Getting into acting as a child” was the most viewed and the one with the most questions and feedback. For me, this shows that firstly, a visual guide is by far the most attainable for a lot of people but that the subject matter is still incredibly popular. My next video is for adult actors and I will be interested to see how that is received. As we get older and we are in the industry, we are more likely to be scrutinised by fellow colleagues and everyone has their own opinion about the correct path in. I can only advise on what I believe are some possible routes.
One of my recent graduates has attended a drama school in London and rang me in a panic as he had been “advised” by a visiting practitioner that at 19 years old he could well be past his sell by date already as it’s the child actors who now hold all the cards! What a load of twoddle I told him! I’ve recently worked with an incredible actress on Casualty, (theres the name drop!) who started acting at 45 years old and hasn’t stopped. She had a very respectable job and decided to change her life and pursue her dream. What a star!!
The moral of the story here is, if as actors we represent life then we are in the wonderful position to work until we finally shut our eyes for the last time! Hail to all the older actors who play grandfathers, grandmothers, politicians, presidents… In all ages, shapes, colour, creed and religion and how incredibly beautiful that is. I believe my life is just kicking off when I turn 40 later this year so the idea of being washed up and over the hill in my career is ridiculous. As I say to all my students and graduates, the only limitation is yourself… fear will hold you back and tittle tattle is to be giggled at. Take control, smile and be inspired by what is uniquely YOU!