The Wandering Teacher

At TLA we regularly undertake training in the basics, safe-guarding, first aid, fire safety well as developing new talent with our students who wish to teach and become better in their own field. This takes a lot of planning and organisation and often requires everyone to come together when it is their precious ‘Saturday’ off and TLA is in holiday mode. No one seems to mind though, as we are vocational practitioners and understand the meaning of teaching…

This weekend, we are training BUT two of my heads of departments will be absent..! Why? Because they are taking time out to attend incredible workshops to enhance their knowledge and in particular Liz Welburn, (Head of Music) is studying at a medical vocal group to understand even more about the vocal cords. Now of course, she already has studied this when gaining her degree in music but she doesn’t want to rely on what was written down, so is going to extraordinary lengths to actually SEE what happens within her own throat!! This actually involves the medical specialist placing a camera down her own throat to see the reactions are when singing, speech and resting. Incredible.. a teacher who doesn’t accept they know everything and continues to explore. I myself believe that a teacher must wander in order to bring back new experiences to their students and enhance overall performance. 

This week I embark on some ’time out’ by changing direction and looking at ’training’. This may take several months, but this it to acquire the tools I need to be, not only proficient, but outstanding, in the development of new performing arts teachers. I want to see a generation of passionate art masters who care, who don’t accept where they are but where they should be. Who strive to bring only the best training to our buckets of British talent. 

TLA is a small independent theatre school who operates once a week, in term time, but by no means is small in its spirit, its heart and its dreams. 

The wandering teacher is by far the most powerful asset any school can have!